Welcome to SPECTRA!

SPECTRA is a new FAS Supplemental Pay, Effort Commitment Tracking and Request Application.  According to Harvard’s Effort Reporting Policy, University faculty are expected to certify their time to sponsored awards commensurate with the committed effort expended on activities they perform.  Payroll charges to sponsored awards, and cost sharing recorded for faculty, serve as the initial data points for the University’s effort reporting system.

As of July 1, 2015 FAS changed the supplemental payment schedule to allow a “linear distribution.”  This allows faculty to charge up to 25% of a ninth of supplemental salary in every month from sponsored project, thereby creating “linear distribution”.  Any effort commitments that are not paid by supplemental pay will be cost shared.

Please visit this HUID PIN protected page for more information about SPECTRA.  To access SPECTRA directly please visit https://spectra.fas.harvard.edu.   

Roles in the System:


Faculty – can enter a request and approve a request.

Proxy – can enter the request for a faculty member, and either route the entry to the faculty for approval, or if granted specific approval from the faculty, route it onto the department for approval.

Department Admin - can enter a request, modify/fix a request, approve a request from the faculty or proxy.  These ideally will be the PECs in ecrt or Department Administrators for those without sponsored.

App Admin - can make amendments to a request or approve a request.  This is FAS Finance.