GLACIER is Harvard University's online tax compliance system that specializes in tax issues for foreign nationals. By answering an individualized series of questions, GLACIER will calculate your tax residency status and determine whether you are eligible to claim any tax treaty benefits on your earnings here.  Here are a list of resources to help you navigate the system:

Office of the Controller Website - information for how to create or update a GLACIER profile

Eureka - GLACIER job aids summary and detailed


GLACIER in e-News

Honoraria and Reimbursements for Foreign Nationals Policy

Visa Types and Allowable Payments

Vendor Setup and Payment Process through Oracle

Business Expense Reimbursement Process

Please visit this HUID PIN protected page for more information about how to process Harvard business expense reimbursements to foreign individuals who receive no other form of payment. 

Sample of Emails Sent to Recipients:

Sample GLACIER email sent to recipient145 KB
Sample Harvard email sent to recipient49 KB