Vendor Setup

Getting Started

  • Setting up a new vendor is an online process using the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal. You must be set up as an authorized requester in the Buy2Pay Supplier Portal to invite or request vendors. 
  • Instructions, tip sheets, and user guides on how to set up a new vendors in Buy2Pay can be found here
  • For questions about setting up new vendors, email:


Form W-9 Requirements

Vendor Types Form W-9 Requirement
New US Companies Yes
Individuals who are US Citizens or Permanent Residents Yes
Reactivating an inactive vendor Yes
Reactivating an inactive site within an active vendor No

Registered Harvard Students (US Citizens)

  • Use new vendor type 'Harvard Registered Student' for active Harvard students enrolled at least half-time in a degree program
  • SSN is required
  • Include HUID in 'notes' field
Temporary Vendor Setup No

Foreign National Individuals and Requirements

  • New individual vendors who are not US Citizens/Non-US residents (including non-US Harvard Students) will receive a Glacier email to initiate the process. Please see the NRA Tax Site for more information about issuing payments to foreign suppliers.
  • When reactivating or requesting a new site for a non-US vendor/individual, please include the email address of the individual in the notes field

Temporary Vendors

  • Typically for vendors or individuals to receive a one‐time REFUND payment
  • Can also be used in some cases to reimburse a foreign individual
  • Can also be used in some cases to reimburse a prospective student
  • Once the temporary vendor is set up they are only active in the system for 30 days
  • The purpose for the need to use the "temporary vendor" option must always be explained in the "notes to CRT" field

Address Standards

  • The Buy2Pay Supplier Request form requires a 9-digit zip code for US suppliers. There is a link included in help text in the request form to look up 4-digit zip code extension.
  • Address Standards link within the request form to enter address in proper order
  • When requesting new site for tax reporting or permanent legal address, remember to check the box which appears below the address you are requesting on the vendor request form
  • Do not use punctuation in name or address except for: period,  hyphen (-) or backslash (/)


  • You can check the status of a request by viewing your list of notifications
    • The status of "IN PROCESS" indicates we are waiting for the required documents ( W-9 or Glacier paperwork) unless we have contacted you for something more specific
    • Do not submit the W-9 form until your approver has approved the request