Welcome to FINReport!


FINReport is the reporting environment for FAS.  Reports include financial reports that include actuals, budgets and forecast, security access reports, fund information including terms and gift advices, as well as audit reports for expired confidentiality agreements and phone listing.

Log On:

To log on to FINReport, go to (note if accessing from home you must be logged into Harvard's VPN). This brings the user to the FAS Finance Reporting Hub:

FinReport Logon Instructions Pic1

Click Sign In with HarvardKey.

After entering HarvardKey and password, you are brought to the Reporting Hub.

Currently the Hub has one option - FAS Reporting Application.  Click “visit the app”

FinReport Logon Instructions picture 2


The home screen has helpful information for users including the last time the data was refreshed.

FinReport Logon Instructions Pic 6

Report Catalog

The Report Catalog contains a description of all the reports available to Department Lite and Department All roles. The descriptions include the questions answered by the report as well as the parameters and fields contained in the report.


Department Lite users have access to three folders with the following reports:

Finreport pic3

Checking Folder name on the left will show just reports in that folder:

FinReport Logon Instructions part 4

Department - All users have access to the same reports as Department Lite users as well as a fourth folder containing financial reports.

finreport logon instructions pic 5


Access to the reports is managed by the intersection of Role and Org.  If you need an update to your access, please complete the Access Security Request form and forward to